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Care and Tourism Enterprises has been active in the field of health care for 24 years, having its headquarters in Corfu and maintaining a branch in the city of Ioannina.

Our company provides a wide range of high quality and high quality care and health services, which are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at the best rates.

Our staff members are selected based on their professionalism, experience and dedication to the fellow person in need.

Medical Staff

Care and Tourism Enterprises' medical staff consists of a wide range of specialties:

General surgeons
General Practitioners

All physicians we work with have been trained in Emergency Preventive Medicine and are able to respond promptly, with the required speed and efficiency, to any critical event and enable safe transport of the patient to the nearest and most appropriate health center. Also, all our doctors contribute to the home medical care services we provide.

Rescuers - Ambulance crew

Care and Tourism Enterprises rescuers are trained to deal with hazardous situations in time, to provide first aid and psychological support to their fellow human beings.

All of our rescuers have been trained in Emergency Preventive Medicine and have a high level of training and years of experience enabling them to respond quickly and quickly to the needs of the patient.

Nurses - Exclusive Nurses

In addition to patience and understanding, our nurses have the scientific knowledge and experience to be able to provide holistic and personalized care to patients of all ages. Our nursing staff can work both in hospitals for exclusive patient care and at home.

Medical equipment and supplies

- Wheelchairs
- Electrocardiographs
- Aspirations
- Monitor
- Anti-reflection layers
- Wheelchairs
- Oxygen bottles
- Nebulizers
- Scales
- Pressure gauges
- Otoscopes
- Stethoscopes
- Tools
- Utensils - sterilization kits
- Oxygen at home
- Hospital beds
- Wheelchairs
- Orthopedics

- Leather antiseptics
- Surface disinfectants
- Tool disinfectants
- Hand disinfectants
- Tool cleaners
- Cleaning cloths
- Sterilization
- Cotton - Cotton
- Needles
- Stripes
- Gloves
- Containers and cases
- Bandages - Bandages
- Catheters - Drainage
- Oxygen masks
- Urine collectors
- Bed urinators
- Syringes
- Wound Convergence Tapes
- Vein catheters

Medical equipment and supplies

Care and Tourism Enterprises has the right medical equipment and supplies for every occasion.

Napoleondos Zerva 17
Ioannina, Postcode: 45332

Contact information
Telephone 1: +30 6936490848
Telephone 2: +30 6932665280

Working hours
24 hours per day
everyday of the year