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The most basic types of coronavirus diagnostic tests are molecular analysis (PCR), with classical and rapid analysis, rapid antigen detection of the virus (RAPID) and antibody tests for the virus.

They are all performed by CARE AND TOURISM ENTERPRISES, while we follow the developments in medical and technological level worldwide, in order to integrate new detection methods, always focusing on the accuracy of the results and guided by safety. 

Covid test

Coronary molecular detection test (PCR test) 

What is the Covid-19 molecular test (PCR) for nasopharyngeal smear?
• It is the most reliable test for detecting the virus in people who have symptoms but also in asymptomatic carriers who have been exposed to the virus.
• In symptomatic patients the sensitivity and specificity of the method is over 99%.
A negative result for SARS-CoV-2 means that the virus is not detected in the sample. This, except in the case of uninfected individuals, can also occur in asymptomatic carriers of the virus in the incubation phase.
• The nasopharyngeal smear is superior to the oropharyngeal smear as the material collected is usually more and is not affected by the recipient or the patient. 

Coronavirus antigen detection test (Rapid test)

Coronavirus antigen sampling and detection test by the rapid test method (COVID 19 Ag Rapid test) 


Coronary molecular detection test (PCR test) 

Sampling and Coronary Detection Test by PCR Molecular Testing Method 


At CARE AND TOURISM ENTERPRISES an antibody test is also performed. 

Sampling and Test for antibodies IgG test 

Sampling and Test for antibodies IgM test 

Sampling and Testing for antibodies IgA test. 

Sampling takes place at your place and the results are sent electronically. In this way, the examinee avoids the inconvenience but also the unnecessary contacts with third parties.

For the best and safest service of the citizens, the sampling network is constantly expanding and we cover every point of NW Greece. 

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